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Dane County Highway and Transportation

Highway Policies: Roadside Mowing

The policy of the Dane County Highway and Transportation Department is to keep mowing activities on County Trunk Highways at a minimum. Mowing is done to maintain adequate vision, control noxious weeds, reduce shoulder maintenance, and provide adequate drainage.

The objective is to maintain safe roadways, both economically and practically, while preserving prairie plants and wild flowers. The details of implementing these objectives shall be left to the initiative of the patrol supervisors with advice from and consultation with the H & T botanist/naturalist.

The number of times mowing is required shall depend upon the growing conditions, with no more than one mowing to the fence line yearly.

Any sensitive areas containing flowers, prairie grass, etc., shall be approached only after consulting with the H & T botanist/naturalist as to weed control and mowing practices. Maps of these areas are available, and patrol supervisors shall familiarize themselves with the area locations. 

This policy was adopted by the Dane County Transportation Committee at its meeting on September 26, 1983.