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Dane County Highway and Transportation

Highway Policies: Mailbox Replacement / Repair

A. The Dane County Highway and Transportation Department will not repair or replace mailboxes damaged on the County Trunk Highway System unless it has been determined, by the Highway and Transportation Department, that physical damage was caused by actual contact with County equipment and that the existing installation was stable and the mailbox and post were in good condition.
B. The department, after determining its responsibility, will repair or replace at its discretion.
C. The Highway and Transportation Department will attempt to repair mailboxes within 96 hours of notification of damage, provided it is subsequently determined, by the department, that the County is responsible for damages as indicated above.
D. Replacement of mailboxes shall be limited to furnishing and delivering a minimum standard U.S. Post Office approved mailbox and standard 4"x4" treated wood post. The Highway and Transportation Department will not install the new post or the mailbox. Special decorative mailboxes and/or posts will not be provided and, in fact, may not be acceptable by the Postal Service.
E. If the owner wishes to use a decorative mailbox and/or post that meets Post Office standards, it shall be at the owner's expense. There will be no compensation for the difference in cost between the decorative installation and the standard installation. The Highway and Transportation Department may consider furnishing a larger than minimum mailbox provided the damaged box was larger than the minimum and the replacement mailbox meets U.S. Postal regulations.

This policy was adopted by the Dane County Transportation Committee at its meeting on February 14, 1994.