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Dane County Highway and Transportation

Dane County Adopt-A-Highway Program

Dane County offers an Adopt-A-Highway program as a part of a statewide effort to support the anti-litter movement and promote a clean environment. The Adopt-A-Highway program helps:

  • Reduce litter along county highways
  • Build support for the county's anti-litter, environmental, and highway beautification programs
  • Educate and encourage the drivers to properly dispose of their litter

If my group adopts a highway, what are we responsible for doing?

  • Once granted a highway, your volunteer group will take responsibility for litter control on a segment of a county highway. A sign will be posted with your group's name alongside the segment of county highway you've adopted.
  • To meet safety regulations, you will be asked to pick up litter on this segment at least three times a year between April 1 and November 1. After each clean up, please submit a clean up report.
  • Groups will not be asked to pick up litter along dangerous areas like county bridges, medians, or steep slopes
  • Your group will be responsible for the segment of road you have adopted until you notify the county of your intent to retire